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According to a study by Stada Health Report, conducted among 30 thousand respondents in 15 countries, 40% of respondents said that they began to order more medicines such as Stromectol (Ivermectin) via the Internet over the past year. The online pharmaceutical market continues to grow, primarily due to the preferences of customers who look for the best price offers and the best service.

Istanbul Pharmacy
Address: Seyit Ömer Mh, Küçükhamam, Vezir Cd. 30/E, 34098 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey, United States | Website:

I never really gave a review to any pharmacy ever before but, this was a must!!!! The Pharmacists and staff at Istanbul Pharmacy are truly helpful and respectful. They are always going above and beyond to make sure one understands the dosage of Stromectol  and are always willing to help no matter how busy it may get. I didn’t know just going to just pick up a prescription could be so warming, and I enjoy always going back. They even deliver prescriptions to your home with a call and for pick up as well.No complaints whatsoever, and I invite anyone to check them out!!!! And every day, they have warm coffee and cookies and some sweet candies that I love to grab on my way out.

Istanbul Pharmacy is horrible. Poor customer service. I went through a drive-through to get my prescriptions, and one was not yet done. I had to update my insurance, and Nicole did not want to do it and asked if I could do it when I returned for the other prescription. She seemed to have an attitude. Furthermore, I called in advance later that day before returning and asked how much it would be to order Stromectol , and a worker gave me a different price than what I had to pay. Sn: wait time for them to pick up the phones to assist is long. Be prepared to wait 10-15 mins.

Sirkeci Gar Pharmacy
Address: Hoca Paşa, Muradiye Cd. No:6/A, 34110 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey, United States | Phone: +90 212 526 64 29 | Website:

As always, fast and friendly service. I’ve been coming here for many, many years and still have Sam’s or Ymira’s smile to greet me every time. You get such a warm welcome the very first time you enter and every single time after. WONDERFUL people work here, you never have to wait, and Ivermectin prices are great. Google just prompted me to give a review for the place next door, but they had the place wrong, and when I corrected it, I was actually surprised that I’ve not done a review for QS all this time. If I have, they definitely deserve another. Thank you, Sirkeci Gar Pharmacy for taking care of my family and me for so many years! I wish I could give you 10 stars!!!

Close this pharmacy down, period. They are ridiculous. They keep you on hold forever. Even an hour before closing or two. No one answers. The corporate will definitely hear about this. This is pathetic. Hire people that care about the customers and not a dang check. No customer service at all.

Sarıbaş’s Pharmacy
Address: Ali Kuşçu, Fatih Cd. 24/A, 34083 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey, United States | Phone: +90 212 531 06 22 | Website:

I’ve been going here for nearly 2 years now. Sarıbaş’s Pharmacy is my favorite pharmacy by far! They are super fast. It’s easy to use the app when it works. I earn coupons buying scripts from them and even more coupons when I buy Stromectol in the store. Also, you can use Ibotta here. I just bought 17$ in candy and paid 7$for it because I had two 5$ coupons. It’s like free money! People are always friendly here and also helpful at the pharmacy. I can leave my Dr office and go straight here, and my Rx is already waiting for me! This was a huge help when I had surgery and left the hospital, and needed my scripts. PS. Their seasonal items on clearance are ammmmmaaazing value!

Worst pharmacy. On two separate occasions, I have called in a refill. They tell me it will be ready in an hour. I get there, and they say they have to order Ivermectin, and it will be a week. This is twice I have wasted driving from Laurens to here because they have no pharmacy in Laurens.

Address: 31/A İnönü Caddesi Taksim Mahallesi, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey, United States | Phone: +90 212 245 27 78 | Website:

To be honest, I’m very THANKFUL that Pharmacy Gümüşsuyu not only provides EXCEPTIONAL medical services, but they also happen to provide us patients with a pharmacy for our convenience and at times when I wasn’t able to go out of the house due to an illness… save my life. Always there when I need it to help with the financing situation. Walgreens and Pharmacy Gümüşsuyu together had helped me despite that most of the time. I couldn’t afford my RXs. I’m very thankful that there are such compassionate, exceptional people. Not only did they have to deal with me, but with thousands of people that unfortunately have no sources or even Healthcare in the gay community.

The pharmacists don’t know how to do their jobs! And they are very rude! Finally, let me know there out of Stromectol I need in six days after being out for six months! And told me I have to call around and figure it out! They really need better pharmacists here! After telling me, it would be ready.

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